What we're looking for: We love to read things that are unconventional and a little eclectic. We look for things that provide a new perspective, written in a fresh voice. We appreciate writings on the less-talked-about and the hidden wonders of this world we inhabit. Be generous with metaphors, and oh, it would be lovely if you could use the Oxford comma.

What we're NOT looking for: Ignorant, uneducated pieces that trash other cultures and individual identities will not be tolerated. Anything with erotic or graphically sexual elements will be deleted right away. We don't want cliché, mass opinions, and we definitely don't want pre-proofread jargon.

Themes Currently Open for Submissions:

  • Vol. I, Autumn Issue (Sep-Nov 2018): Duality of nature, negatives of film, serendipity, tea stalls, falling out of love, reality check, out of the blue, reconstruction.
  • Vol. I, Winter Issue (Dec-Feb 2019): Unthemed.                                         

We Accept: Flash fiction (100-1,000 words), short fiction (1,000-4,000 words), poetry (upto 1,000 words), nonfiction (upto 4,000 words). Nonfiction includes memoirs, literary journalism, narratives, essays, features (on literature, culture, art), opinions, reviews (of works pertaining to our quarterly themes), politics, and interviews. You can also submit art, photography, and photo essays.

Things to Know before Submitting

Publishing Rights: The Broken Cassette only acquires the first serial publication rights of any work. All reprint rights revert to the author on publication. We only ask that TBC be given full credits on reprint of the piece. Additionally, we also accept simultaneous submissions or work that has been previously published.

Guidelines: Submissions must be emailed to with the subject line "Submission – [Type of Submission]" You can send in multiple submissions and they will all be considered separately. All submissions must be typed out in document attached to the email. Font type Times New Roman is preferred. Please do not send PDFs. In the body of the email, include a few lines about the writer in third person.

Acceptance/Rejection: We reply to all submissions we receive. It can take us anytime between 5 hours and 5 weeks to reply. If you haven't heard back from us, it is safe to assume that we're still in the process of reviewing your submission.

Compensation: The Broken Cassette is still in its early stages of development and we are unable to provide payment to our writer just yet. We will, however, compensate for the lack of monetary gratitude by endorsing your work on our online blog and social media platforms.